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This blog is written for the reading pleasures of:

whores, activists, gimps, dykes, poofs, trannies, mistress’s, pets, grannies, slaves, politicians, celebrities, strippers, construction workers, kings and queens, cutters, masseuse’s, landlords, nudists, masters, fast food proprietors, brothel creepers, high talkers, tradies, sugar daddies, ageing hippies, pin ups, drug dealers, sunday drivers, media whores, anyone with a mental health label, greenies, prostitutes, pool boys, femmes, cheaters, sugar mummas, unionists, virgins, dancers, refugees, junkies, gentlemen, bus drivers, gangsters, single parents, butches, escorts, social workers, musicians, clients, performers, home bodies, porn stars, faggots, bleeding heart lefties, sex goddesses, lovers, travellers smokers, princes and princess’s, consenting adults, myspace cam whores, emos, migrants, goths, lesos, cyberholics, doctors and nurses, feminists, submissives, madame’s, priests, speed freaks, reality tv participants, Bunnings addicts, artists, punks, hetros and queers, sex workers, outcasts, couples, nuns, accountants, pimps, players, nymphos, atheists, meter maids, hospitality staff, models, god fearers, anarchists…and you

I just want to tell my stories on my own terms, and if you’re open to listening, i’d love you stick around. I dig respectful curiosity. Ask me questions. Any questions. I am an open blog ;), but make sure your questions are framed in respect.

Feel free to challenge me, i do critically think and reflect apon my values, my assumptions, my privilege, and i welcome any conversations that support that. But do not challenge my lived experiences or my own meanings of that lived experience. These are my stories, this is my space, engage with me with respect, and refrain from hate or unnecessary aggression.  But please engage.

26 thoughts on “Read my blog if you are:”

  1. Love your blogs, I went through your list of labels above to see if I could assign myself to one of them. And although extensive I couldnt really attribute one to myself.
    I am still amazed by the backwardness of the South Australian Government and genuinally worry about the stress that this must put on working ladies. I do have a problem with the reference to whores, I have a dislike for this label and prefer working ladies to be more respectful. lastly I am very impressed with your poetry and would like to read more.


  2. Hey Barry,
    Thanks for reading. I have just added a few labels, can you find ANY that you relate too? I’ll keep going till I find one that suits you too. Thanks for your concern about the laws. Steph Key from Labor is currently talking about having another go at law reform so, fingers crossed. Are you in SA?

    In regards to ‘Whore’, I don’ t find it disrespectful. It just means I charge for sex. That’s all a whore is. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with someone who charges $$ for sex and so I don think there is anything wrong with the word whore, but yes sex worker is the more appropriate word for outsiders to use, but I will call myself whatever I want.

    I’m glad you like my poetry, I’m not much a fan of it. I shall see what else I can dig out for you down the track.

    Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I have read a few of your stories so far & absolutely love them & find them extremely interesting. Even though I pay for sex, it’s something I choose to do as I think it’s the safer option rather than going out, hooking up with someone at a club & having sex not knowing what I might catch! Atleast a working lady, I know she’s just as concerned about her health as I am.
    If I’m ever in Adelaide, I will look you up & if you come to sydney, let me know.
    Keep the stories coming 😀

  4. Susan Durham said:

    Im a 61year old woman. A friend asked me what I thought about your column on “Just Friends.” I love it. Ill read more. When you see a grey-haired woman lawyer, dont be surprised to scratch the surface and find someone who completely agrees with you.

  5. I am writing a blog too…joycerf trainee whore…on wordpress…may I add a link to this(your) blog???

    How did you start out???

    I gave it all up by the time I was 20…


  6. I am an undergraduate college student conducting a qualitative study on strip dancers in the Philippines. Your blog is really helping me assess my biases. It confirmed my conviction that feminists should not dominate the discourse of sex work if they do not listen to the voice of the sex workers themselves. I absolutely love your blog. I feel like I’ve discovered a gold mine here. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

  7. I’ve been reading your blog and love it. You have a real talent as a writer and I hope one day you publish a book. You highlight many important issues in the sex work industry and also many biases, prejudices and misunderstandings. I want to write a book about these issues in the future and your blog is proving to be a valuable source of information. It seems to me that sex work hasn’t changed much in thousands of years, at least the way you describe you do it; I think the porn industry is the real problem when looking at things like negative attitudes toward women, especially violence. Just my two cents. Keep blogging! 🙂

  8. My thoughts about the porn industry too.

  9. hussain said:

    Hi there I m looking a whore lady for fun. please send me by email if like

  10. What a fascinating blog. My wife and I were talking about getting into the industry. A quick look at the law showed that S.A. is not as welcoming as Victoria. So plans of buying a venue went out the window and a rethink is in order. Do we rent and advertise as a health club or massage clinic? Or another angle was just work the phones from home and coordinate girls on the run? So many angles.
    I can say I’ve never used the services of a working girl but reading what I have so far just from your blog has been valuable.
    Keep posting, there is so much to learn.
    Kind regards

  11. Caught my eye, often wondered if ‘Client’ was in your list, bang in the middle, gentleman above, lover below! ………….LOL?

    Apparently there’s lots of Blogs written by Prostitutes, I’ve read a few, looked at ‘Belle De Jour’ but she’s all academic hosting seminars making telly etc seems a nice woman but not for me.

    I like yours though and there’s two I come back to maybe months in between like if something has happened. Also there’s an Escort website I revisit, she’s retired but keeps her website going and I notice for the odd week she works for ‘regulars’, also she writes a tiny Blog updated from time to time with links to other ‘ladies’, I don’t think many read it which I like. Anyways I reread my one entry to boost the ego, I thanked her for taking my virginity and she wrote a lovely reply, a lovely woman who gave me an incredible experience and I blame her totally for the following year and a halves Escorting ………… Lol if she hadn’t been so nice to me then I’d have stopped seeing Hookers there and then! If seeing her that March in her one bedroom Flat off Piccadilly Circus London, had been really awful then I WOULD NEVER HAVE SEEN ANOTHER ESCORT and that’s the honest truth.

    But she wasn’t awful she was lovely to me, via email she’d known I was a virgin and both emotionally and physically she held my hand into the bedroom, I can’t say enough how kind a woman she was, she sees disabled (not me) clients via a certain website, maybe a way of Marketing, whatever an incredibly decent thing to do, feminists take note. She was lovely in fact she was just too good and the following seven ‘knowing intelligent professional women’ were an experience but just working girls. I expected to much I know that now and in hindsight I think most were Agency girls a couple Independent two Brothel, I do now understand these young women because they are just like you and ExoticEscortDiary ……… they were Hookers Prostitutes Escorts Whores Sex Workers one a ‘Lady of The Night’ her words, in truth I understand what’s expected of me now.

    As I’ve said the first was a bit unfair looking back and reading her emails afterwards I reckon she got a thrill out of seeing a virgin, a man totally one hundred percent under her control and she worked bloody hard. Fuck me she must have been exhausted by the end she said she needed to eat as I left! But over the months after I think I thought all would be like her again, but of course I never did find one, unfair in a way having to to chase a dream again. As the months passed by I found ‘girls’ lovely women but you know they were Escorting for the money and I understand the moment I left the door I meant nothing to them, like the man who’s just fixed your plumbing, bit of a twat arn’t I? That’s not a criticism of them because they were all pleasant in-call expensive Escorts and all giving their advertised service, yes one sort of hustled me two lol openly disliked me one I was besotted with and the rest were nice young women, working women.

    Indulge me a little or move on!

    Back to the first 🙂 she held my hand into the bedroom candles no light, we put the wine glasses on the bed and then standing behind the door she turned so I could unzip her dress, turned around again as it fell to the floor she looked incredible. The room was dimly lit and I didn’t have my glasses on, bit of a regret, anyways looking at her me aged 47, you can surely imagine how I felt having never seen a real naked woman before, so she’s standing there 12 inches from me and this vision is imprinted on my mind like a photograph, I can still see her now a goddess lol. Understand though I aint in love, no she’s long gone a beauty with long black flowing hair tiny waste child bearing hips and now incidentally retired.

    I’m not going to go get all pornographic, then again why not remind me a bit, so we’re standing facing each other and I says “can I touch your pussy”, she says “ok” reassured I put my hand down there pushing my fingers forward “not like that” she says “go further back” and well I can still feel her now! That wet warm labia. But I’m there not for long! After a minute she’s on her knees with my dick in her mouth twisting her hands in opposite directions then I say “I don’t want to come yet”, I was desperate to have sex with a woman, cum inside a woman, break the duck, lose my virginity so we moved to the bed. I suppose because of the excitement I couldn’t get the hang of sex in various positions so she said “calm down we’ll do missionary” well she lays back I lay on top of her and…..for an age then after a while I said “I don’t think I can do it babe” (remember those words exactly) I suppose seeing me in a bit of trouble she then moves her left arm down and holds my balls “does this help” (that’s a trick I know!) and bingo.

    Like I said I should have stopped there, but Escorting Prostitution exists because men go back for more. Weeks pass by and a month later I’m trawling the pages of Escorts on looking for beautiful classy girl(18+) in my price range, I find one, she looks lovely so I phone and talk for thirty seconds where we basically agree to meet then I dutifully send a Text, she texts back to confirm and two days later I’m standing outside a residential home in South London. Here is the second point at which I should have stopped Escorting, because she was the exact opposite AND AFTERWARDS I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND WHY IT WENT SO WRONG.

    I’m not whining btw, looking back the experience amuses me and whoever said all life’s experiences have to be good ones?

    If the truth be told this Lady left me really dangerously angry! On the bed she gave the GFE (awful word) but begrudgingly, she blatantly didn’t like me I’d given her £250 for two hours however I can never criticise her service because she performed as advertised. She’s a middle class sophisticated well educated attractive woman, could be an estate agent in real life a good looking 35year old, well I was laying there and she was giving me OWO, then after a while I looked down and here comes the time, I incredibly came in her mouth! Never asked for it, Never expected it, Never dreamt it would happen and looking back I find it unbelievable that she does this service. Anyways time to go and after coming out the bedroom minutes after her, I look across her living room and she’s silently standing behind the open front door, startled I get the message and walked over the room passing her standing to the side of the open front door with this look of despise disdain and stupid little smile on her face, so I carried on out into the April sunshine. So there I was walking to the Station pretty shocked I can tell you thinking about that exit, then and now I still think it was a darn right nasty thing to do, it was meant to belittle shame me, there was no goodbye peck on the cheek nothing! I’d payed her well been polite respectful, tried my best and ever since then I’ve wondered why she purposely make me me feel like that? As I’ve said nasty and walking down the Street I was fucking livid I can tell you and honestly that’s the first time I’ll admit to being misogynistic, a hater of women (though some lol will disagree!). To this day I can remember saying to myself ‘at least I came in your mouth you Fucking Bitch!’ It passed thankfully, hate isn’t my nature but to this day I’ve thought shaming was a bloody stupid thing to do, she advertised herself as an Escort on an Escorting website so why an earth let a strange man (and punter therefore not nice man) leave your private house in that frame of mind? For days I was going to text but it passed.

    Honestly to this day I haven’t had anyone publicly shame me like she did, the experience was worse than I’ve been able to write here, ok I can take indifference from women say a false smile but to have someone leave you so angry is unbelievably stupid. I could well of gone back and honestly if I wasn’t such a sensitive man I’d have walked back up the Street, burst in and hit the woman. Glad I didn’t because looking back I don’t think it was her dog in the next door room!

    Perhaps I should have finished there with Escorts but they are nice. Why didn’t I go back to the first? Well without either saying I don’t think either thought it a good idea.

    Anyways one month later I’m back on the web and cut a long story short met a very classy incredibly beautiful East European woman, no nonsense slightly scary she could honestly have been a City Banker in her power dress. Short of shorts had a very friendly happy meeting (then again). I see on the web she still works and I can see me seeing her again one day, I left happy with a smile on my face, in fact the booking was so fun I have NO idea why I haven’t contacted her again………..she’s friendly, the sex was great and she said she appreciated I was so polite so I’m thinking why not? Would be nice again…….NOW THAT I UNDERSTAND THE RULES BOUNDARIES AND EXPECTATIONS……she kept me real she was fun!

    So what of the Escort who has children I saw a month ago, I said I’d quit, well I’m realistic now, it’s her (or was) choice, I was respectful very polite, I judged she didn’t like sex work so I think if you meet young women in that frame of mind, without sounding like a fucking Saint, if you meet someone such as her give her a gift have a chat ask if you can hold her breast or maybe touch down there and leave it at that, sounds fun and HR would be nice. Ok you could sort of make her but best to be nice and talk instead. NEVER walk out though! I wonder how the ‘maid’ would react to that?

    I know I write to much, I only ever Comment on two Blogs and not the other for six months by choice I might add. I have NO wishes or expectations WHATSOEVER, I ain’t no Blogger nor wish to be for that matter, but I know what I take from writing these Comments (never repeated btw), is I enjoy the thought these Comments are hopefully read once by yourself and maybe the other odd sex worker, that’s all! I’ve had problems understanding this business, big deal losing virginity at 47 and it really is nice to imagine a sex worker has read the comment. I do get where I’ve gone wrong! So I’m a bit of a twat! ………… Lmao.

    Finally to that comment above written by Rob, well you’ll recognise the green Avatar and same melancholic writing style, btw writing doesn’t come easy lol to write this ‘muddled stuff however all my Comment is honest or what’s the point? Back to Rob you’ll recognise the style, well Rob was me and done only once btw. The reason I lied? I think it happened because I thought you’d think I was showing off writing so much, so I posted a reply in a different name, you’ll see same email. Never mind, regards.

  12. Well that paragraph ‘by Rob’ is on one of your posts, no idea which. not that any one cares.

  13. Hi, Anonymous Whore! Keep on blogging! I’ve just read your article about clients’ forums, and I can tell you it’s the same here in Brazil. In these times of worldwide abolitionist offensive against sex workers, it is ever more important to share experiences and views, From time to time I and my colleagues at will translate your articles to Portuguese. i hope you don’t mind. We also publish in English at

  14. Thank you very much for sharing your experience as a sex worker. I work as a harm reduction coordinator on the other side of the world from you in Canada.

    I believe sex workers have rights, and by decriminalizing it we provide access to health, safety and human rights. This blog helps me to explain all people, including sex workers, have rights!

    Thanks again!!!!

  15. Hi don’t be ashamed of loving sex i would marry a woman like you cheers for the stories

  16. Hugh New said:

    I understand lube, but what’s the talcum powder for ?

    A happy, single GFE consumer

  17. Hello “Jane”,
    I started reading your blogs and got hooked up to your writings. The country I belong to has always be kind of suppressive towards female and apparently has the biggest trafficking situation that I have ever documented has to be in my country. I loved reading about the mind scenario presented by you regarding your occupation as a sex worker but more and most I appreciated the concern of trafficking. Reading your personal experiences seemed like reading “eleven minutes” by Paulo Coelho all over again. I really appreciate your choices of living and hope for females all over the world to have control over what they belive in and do what they think they should do. Hope you have more success in life.

    Yours in appreciation,
    “not a John”

  18. It shouldn’t matter what people think.I worked as security for an escort agency,the worker were like family to me.I am a tattooist body piercer and people still treat me like im trash.i don’t care what they think,it all boils down to what you think of your self

  19. I’ve followed your blog only not on purpose. In seeking guidance I can only put together that you are a terrible terrible person with very very extremely shallow moral. So deep that you probably hate yourself and know it. How others feel supported through your perspective is so far beyond my level of comprehension that a response would only make you look that much more ignorant. The only beings I can imagine that feel an ounce of honkey doreyness from your B.S jargon and jabberwocky are likely one that are seeking justification in their additionally lost ways. If this blog makes you feel good more power to you. If you feel power due to owning a vagina more power to you. But sister you’re missing the mark. Not by a mile. By thousands. Your in inch into a mile of understanding and lower than an ankle. Due some real humanitarian work and take this down. On top of this you right like your some sort of crystal meth addicted flousey. But don’t let the good fight stop you from fighting the good fight. Peace4Life

    • Tyler Durden said:

      Picklefeathered, get off your high horse. You’re sexually frustrated and self-imposed inhibitions: how’s that working out for you? Good, marvellous? Keep it up then. You’re castigation of a woman selling sex, how about entertain the concept of female sexual liberation? A whore: you’re the obsolete, likely religious, and the worst of any sinner because you’re too bloody self-righteous to accept this blog’s writer, just maybe really enjoys sex. Since the advent of latex condoms and contraceptives, your former risk factors that would be easily espoused as the raison de etre to continue to be the prude you are, well, nope, doesn’t stand anymore. You’re dressing down of a woman that knows she loves to fuck and likely makes a mint doing it, where’s your mind forged manacles got you? Sticky fumblings in the back seat of some 70’s jalopy with some guy that couldn’t find north on a map let alone get you off? Have you even got fucked? Maybe a V card carrying faithless, inhibited and caged woman whose single intent was a flaky shot at affirming her own completely lack of self-respect. Women aren’t disallowed to fuck, any and everyone that they fancy, and again. You’re a once a month b/c it’s despicable, sacrilege and only a sinner like you’d know one if you’d seen one. Take a look in the mirror. “I’ve seen the enemy; He’s you.” Empower women’s freedom to unlimited sexuality. Anything less? Take a time warp back 200 years and hang out with those hags & haters. Them Virtuous, proper, respectable women, they couldn’t get off enough to make up for the morality trap you wanton, lascivious chickenshit women, yeah I know you have the identical drives and wanton sexual desires that our blog author has, but she’s got balls to go out and get what she wants? What are you getting, not a lick, not even ‘just the tip.’ Soon enough you’ll get over your indoctrinated abortion you call moral, and get to sexually peaking, and when you get there? You’re going be one terrible whore, at least until you own that slut you’ve got caged deep down in the dark corners of your mind. There only one person who strikes out with malice toward this blog’s whore: That a whore who can’t just get off the bullshit brainwashed, longstanding patriarchy that burned into your not very capable mind that sexual desires for women is because they’re evil sinners, and actually accepting your slutty self, making the only possible act that will get you laid, and let you enjoy it, go a fuck a few dicks, a lot of them, and once you’ve fucked as many men as our gracious host has, then you can cast your priggish first stone. Get fucked, a lot. Stop buying the men that have put your slut in her cage and get her the fuck out of there and become what I know your malicious post is doing a poor job of covering up: You’re a whore. A whore without any of the pleasure and orgasmic ecstasy. You’re just a whore without your vitamin D. Go get fucked, a lot, and then once you’ve got a credible amount of knowledge akin to our hosts, tell me your opinion then. Say you’re not a whore. I dare you. No wench who wasn’t pure whore would assault a whore. Accept your inner whore, emancipate yourself from 2000 years of male dictated sexual inhibition. Take these actions, free your mind and enjoy blowing up with endless orgasms. Do it, enjoy it and I release you all shame and guilt, no longer necessary that you carry that shit. Get fucking fucked. Or shut the fuck up.

      • Tyler Durden said:

        PS Pickled, learn how to spell writings..’rightings,’ nope, not any spelling bee broad clearly.

  20. Tyler Durden said:

    Whoa, but WOW! I can’t reread that compendium of people you endorse to read your blog. That list is 100% pure awesomeness, and I’ll speculate it didn’t get ripped off like as in shot BANG from the hip. That potpourri of every which way and loose inclusiveness, that’s extensive experience, verbosity and diction at my level of vocabulary, no, better. I have learned that something that well composed and expansive had to be a work from the first run through and iterations of revisions to hit it with that sublime majesty which you’ve published. is it all inclusive? How could it, but so far as it’s done a better than good job of dichotomous, diametrically opposing and run the social hierarchy from docs to dicks, and went wide to the fringes…my good lady, not all inclusive but 100% for all aforementioned reasons. I couldn’t or wouldn’t attempt to change than, unless since you;ve composed this disclaimer, expanded on those who would read, if none, it’s a beauty.. I hope to read more posts that exude this written brilliance. A++. Knocked this potpourri of the freaks to geeks, professionals to professionally sexual deviants, and all dimension radiating all directions from the nucleus towards infinity. Wordporn = marvellous. Thanks for this. I have a new role model to emulate when I go off the reservation and far and away to write my thoughts, inclusive of all possible loaded and contentious wordporn. Why? You’re a sex worker, how far does vanilla get you? Level up to voyeuristic, fetishism and bloody mentally ill paraphilias and then link these clients to me, training towards a specialty in psychiatry. 100% PURE AWESOMENESS. Same with my written posts, insert inflammatory, or loaded terms and it’ll draw the heat down on you, but it’ll also get your post read. Those hot terms (say you’re going to fire bomb if somebody doesn’t do what they agreed to…that’ll get them done and done whateverthefuck they said they’d do. Altogether, love reading this list of acceptable readership at least once a month just re-experience the dizzying eclectic inclusions to your site. BOOM SHAKALAKA, 100% Ms. Thang.

  21. Proud Hore in USA.

  22. Abigail Ruiz said:

    I’m a slut
    Call me for a good time.

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