About me:

I am a white female in my thirties. I was born and bred and currently live and work in South Australia. I am a sex worker.

Because i’m a whore I risk discrimination and harassment so i lead a double life. Because i’m a whore I am a criminal under South Australian law and so i hide my identity.

Because i’m a whore I have a lot to say and i want you to listen.

Because i’m a whore I write this anonymous blog about my job, my life, my thoughts and the stuff that goes on around me.

The stories i tell, the rants i post, are my own, they are real, they tell the story of my life, the people and structures that i engage with and the meanings i make of it all.

I am just one person. But I am not alone. My stories are only mine, but they are not uncommon. If you haven’t heard stories like mine before, you haven’t been asking the right questions.

You can email me at happyhappyjoyjoy@live.com.au

or add me up at www.facebook.com/janewatsername

20 thoughts on “About me:”

  1. Thank you for your blog entries, honesty, candour, experiences, thoughts and for just generally being you… a random message to say this distant stranger/fellow sex worker appreciates you sharing this with us and that since moving to Melbourne from Sydney it has helped me whilst I cope with loneliness.. not having many friends and the only solace in my current existence being work right now.

    thank you.

    Twitter: @evalaperla

    • Tanisha said:

      I have been really thinking about becoming an escort and living a double life. How can I go about on getting started. I am very interested in knowing, and how did you get started.

  2. Eva,

    Thanks for your comment, Im very happy that you are enjoying my blog, Have you heard of Scarlet Alliance? I saw you added me on Facebook, i will inbox you shortly.

  3. Good day
    I stumbled on your blog.
    I believe you are doing something really worthwhile and important

    I have formed a friendship with a sex worker whom I met at that person’s work and have come to know quite well. Nonetheless its a slow journey and there are many walls and layers to slowly work around to gain trust. There is now mutual respect and great bonds of friendship. I just wanted to say that the industry does make it hard for sex workers to have trust in others but with time and patience, I am making good progress here.

    That sex worker and friendship means a lot to me and although we are in completely different lives in every other way, I hope that friendship will continue and develop.

    Thank you again for your blog.

    • Continuation from April 7 entry above. We are still friends after 5 years. She means a lot to me. I hope we will remain friends for a long time.

  4. Siddiq Alhassan Bukari said:

    Thanks for your story. You are honest and may God bless you.

  5. Hi there, I just recently discovered your blog.
    I’m a whore too, and I blog. Because I also, have lots of things to say!
    And I admire your courage. I’m in a slightly different possition, because sex work is not illegal in my country. Still whores all over the world have to fight to be able to speak for themselves.

  6. And from what I can tell from your blog, you’re much more experienced than me, so I’ll read your blog with pleasure 😉

  7. James Finn said:

    It looks like I am late to the party but I just found your blog.

    I became good friends with a sex worker.The entire experience was such a shock to me. I was steeped in the societal stereotype that all “whores” were either jaded, badly damaged people or victims. The sex worker I met was an intelligent, funny, very independent woman who was naturally sexual. She choose to be a sex worker for a number of reasons and was comfortable with her decision. She had some scary situations but a lot of it was because she had to operate in the shadows. She also said the only thing she felt “victimized” by was the stigma attached to being an escort.

    The laws around sex work are ridiculous and I think almost everyone in the judicial system knows it, but what politician is going to publicly take up the challenge of dealing with it?Maybe a female politician but for any males it would be political suicide.

  8. think you all great sex is a release even for men we sometimes like a strange woman
    to wow us with out being hook up for ever people who don’t think whores are sexey
    are ashame of them self…..

  9. Hi friend. What do you think about men who visit prostitutes? do you feel sorry for them? do you think is sad how they have to pay $ for intimacy? what % of your clients lack social skills? i’m asking these questions because i’m a guy who lacks who social skills and i’m considering visiting a prostitute… by the way, i’m sorry for using the word “prostitute” i don’t know if you find such word offensive, if so, i apologize.. either way, as i was saying, i’m thinking about visiting one lady in order to experience what it means to have intimacy with a woman. However i always hear many horrible stereotypes about “Johns” for instance they claim that “Johns ” have zero respect for women, they claim that “Johns” are selfish human beings…and i certainly don’t want to do any of those things! i don’t want to use a woman for my selfish satisfaction… i’m thinking about visiting a prostitute because i’m lonely and desperate… and for the record i’m Catholic! so you might imagine how horrible i feel about doing something like this! but again, i feel very lonely and desperate..

    God bless you

  10. I am also a whore xoxo

  11. hey,
    i read your blog regarding autism. For related but good work kindly email.

  12. foxemerson said:

    I love, love, love your blog! I’m still reading them and just wanted to tell you that I think you’re pretty damn cool! I wrote a book recently about a north London prostitute and after interviewing the woman, I became fascinated by that world. Now I’m writing book three about a male bisexual prostitute.

  13. Callista cunt said:

    Me robi sleep with strangers for vodka and a place to stay. I don’t use rubbers as well std I had 2 times.

  14. Callista cunt said:

    Me i sleep with strangers for vodka and a place to stay. I don’t use rubbers as well std I had 2 times.

  15. But I just wanna have sex , what’s wrong with that

  16. Because I am addicted to dick I cant control my self I just got divorced because I am such a slut and I cannot stop so now I just get on social media sites like plenty of fish facebook and basically fuck who ever contacts me im trailer trash whore but I love it

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