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Business has been quiet lately and so you get to thinking, and talking, and noticing funny little things. It’s so funny how things work out, funny the little way the world revolves, or the tide comes at the evening, or you think of someone and then they call.

And its funny how in the sex industry the phone doesn’t ring for hours and then 3 people ring and want a booking immediately and meanwhile u missed 2 calls while taking the bookings (yes you accept all three bookings for immediately, because whores wisdom tells you that one wont show up, and the other will be in and out quickly and one wont mind waiting for a short time.)

Funny how all 3 guys are named kevin

Or funny how noone rings the dam doorbell untill 30 seconds after the pizza is delivered.

Oh… here is a good one. I used to work in a parlour where the girls did ‘intros’ for the client one at a time, after they chose a girl they payed for the booking. If they did not see a girl who they wanted to see they were under no obligation to pay or stay, so ofcourse we would often have guys coming in for nothing more than ‘a look’. The boss told me once that if he sits on the bed, he never stays. I didn’t understand. She explained:

“I always tell them take a seat.. and i point to the chair, and over the years i have noticed that if they choose to sit on the bed, rather than the chair, they never ended up paying and staying..”

At first i couldn’t believe her, but i started paying attention and she was right!

So eventually when the receptionist would tell us to intro and the guy was sitting on the bed she would yell out “intro, he’s a bed sitter” and so we wouldn’t need to make much effort. Hey for any of you working in this type of situation, start paying attention and let me know if its true for you…!!!

While we are on that note, when they says they left their money in the car, you know they’re not coming back.

And another fact, for some clients the actual fantasy is to reject someone hot, so they come to brothels to look you up and down and then say in a patronising voice “oh, i wanted someone taller/shorter/skinner/curvier/bustier/younger/older/blonder/darker/anyone but you”!

Its funny how the least responsive clients, who looked like they was grimacing the whole way through the booking and left early without so much as a kiss on the cheek or a smile, is the very same client who becomes your most regular client spending hundreds on you every week.

It’s hilarious how if you tell clients how excellent you are, they believe you. If you tell them your worth 50 bucks, they pay it and attempt to demand everything on the menu (and even stuff that isn’t) and if you tell them your worth $500, they still pay and think you must be a princess.

It’s annoying how most clients think they are your only nice clients.

It’s funny how you don’t remember the client, untill you see the weird mole they have on their upper thigh, and that’s when you suddenly you remember that he was the guy who lived in the country and likes you to keep your shoes on.

It’s amusing how desperate some clients are to pretend that they made you orgasm, so that you don’t even need to fake it, a little bit of a sigh will have them asking “did u cum?!”

It’s great how you can sometimes be desperate for some fast cash, and so you start thinking how you just need that regular that always books for 3 hours at a time and pays for the fantasy dress up extra, to give you a call, and then he calls you…